Mini Eyelash Volume Lash Extension Trays

Mini Volume Eyelash Trays

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Discover the art of lash extensions with confidence using our Mini Volume Trays—the perfect choice for both testing and beginners venturing into the world of lash artistry. These trays not only allow for experimentation and skill development but also provide an ideal starting point for those embarking on their journey as lash artists.

Key Features:

  1. The same great lashes but smaller trays: The Mini Trays are an excellent testing ground for aspiring lash artists. The mini volume fans offer the same amazing lashes at a more affordable price point. 

  2. Test Before You Buy: Unsure about committing to a new brand? Use these trays to test different lengths, curls, and styles before making a larger investment. Experiment with various combinations to find your signature look.

  3. Ideal for Beginners: thoughtfully designed with beginners in mind. The mini volume trays make it easier for those just starting out to build a kit, offering a wider variety of lashes for clients.

  4. Affordable Starter Option: Affordable yet high-quality, these trays serve as a cost-effective way for you to try our lashes and see the standard of excellence associated with our products.

  5. Available in Assorted Lengths and Curls: Customise your learning experience by choosing from a variety of lengths and curls. This versatility ensures that beginners can explore and practice a range of lash styles.

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